Withers Whisper, LLC

Withers Whisper, LLC
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Let the whisper of the horse echo the spirit of the soul. ®

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Business Description   Ever wondered how a little "horse sense" can make a difference in your life. Through the process of Equine Gestalt Coaching(EGC)®, a leading-edge training modality, horses, can help you access and develop your inherent Emotional Intelligence. It begins with a process of cultivating self-awareness. The ground-based, non-riding experience with the horses imparts a shift in perspective while holding a safe, supportive space for reflection and self-exploration.  Horses are exceptional animals. As non-predatory animals, they are highly sensitive to their environment and as part of their primary survival mechanisms, they process emotions as information. Acting without the interpretations and judgments the human mind eagerly offers in every situation, the horse becomes an emotional mirror for humans. As they discern and reflect our emotional inner landscape, powerful learning metaphors inevitably arise regarding how we connect, communicate, and interact with other people. The immediate “agenda-free” feedback allows a person to see themselves in a new light, unaffected by the opinions of other people.
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