1BC Inspires Now:  Virtual Sales Training

Why is this Valuable to You?

Selling is the most skill you can develop.  Sales skills are learned. Greg Petri has be involved with sales since 1979; he has studied the masters: Brian Tracy, Jeffery Gitomer, Marshall Slyer, Brad Sugars, Og Mandino: He gives you the ideas you need.

  • Learn how to establish a rapport faster than you ever have
  • Learn alternative closes.
  • Learn the # 1 Most Important skill you need to thrive in sales
  • If you are in business you are in sales.  Get great at it.
  • Companies fail from of lack of income & revenue.  This is sales.
  • You get the 4 million Dollar Power Sales University online sales training system.  If you bought it yourself, it would be $599 a month. (Hurry, we have only 10 subscriptions left).
  • You get an 11:11a Monday goals setting call, and a Friday 11:11a how-did-your-week-go, conference call.  These short 10 to 15 minute recordings will massively increase your sales results.
  • You will get a list of the best books every written on selling.  Leaders are Readers.
  • You get access and email support from Greg Petri 24/7.

The most important decision you can make in business is to become absolute bullet proof in sales. 
Join today.  This is your Ticket to massive success.