1BC Inspires Now: Mastermind Groups!

1BC has invested thousands of dollars to study the masters in this field.  For example, monthly we have done virtual video masterminds with Karyn Greenstreet; she may be the most renowned expert in running masterminds.

1BC has studied with Bryan Merritt; he has run masterminds for over two years with companies that are between 150 to 500 million.  His insights and expertise have been used to design our effective 1BC masterminds.

1BC has been in business since 1997, so our depth and breadth of connections is unmatched.  We put the right people in the room for you!

10 Reasons Why You Must Join a 1BC Mastermind

  1. Because these are absolutely experiential and magical.  Do your dreams a favor.
  2. Because the Mastermind principle is tapping into an infinite intelligence, those resources that you cannot see or access alone.
  3. Because you will gain insight into how and what you really want to accomplish.
  4. Because you will learn from accessing the brilliance of others minds.
  5. Because it is exactly what you need to amplify and accelerate success in any area of your life that you desire.
  6. Because it is the highest form of human communication.
  7. Because you will meet new, exciting and inspiring people who are willing to invest in your dreams.  These are people you want to be around.  Surround yourself with powerful people and you access your own amazing power.
  8. Because you will leave inspired, stay inspired, live more inspired.
  9. Because it is absolutely fun.
  10. Because it is a tool that Andrew Carnegie used to become the richest man in the world.  Don’t you want to achieve and enjoy more?