1BC Inspires Now:  Audio Book Training!

Why get a book published?  Especially get the Audio done?

  •  People buy a ton of Audio Books.  Sell yours too.
  • You Automatically Become the Expert in your Field.
  • You can sell it and make money
  • You can use it when you speak at seminars or do your own seminars
  • You leave a legacy for your family and this world

Why be on our monthly Audio Book Publishing Call?

  • Russell Stamets is the Undisputed Expert on Doing Audio books.  He has done over 50 audio books, many are selling a ton. 
  • He knows what categories are selling and how to structure yours so it has the best chance at selling.
  • We Get it in print & audio form, without writing a word.
  • You can use Your Audio Book as an added value download for your customers, or an incentive to get new customers
  • Did You Know? You absolutely must have a printed manuscript to get your book on Audible.com.  Ask us why?
  • We will help you with any aspect of writing: Book cover, finding that right editor, formatting, getting it into create space, etc.

This will be the most valuable thing you can do in your life.
Take action now.  Ask how to Join Today.